Our wall of love #sharethelove

Here are some of the things people have said about us and how Leap projects have made a difference to the lives of Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes #sharethelove

Moving Our Community Fund

Ride High – “I have spoken with the children and mums and the feedback was very positive. They all loved the riding and enjoyed caring for and grooming the horses. The children would like to return and one young person has expressed an interest in completing work experience at the centre. Thank you for this opportunity you gave us for the children”.

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Sally Nunes, Senior Children & Young People Support Officer
MK Act

Moving Our Community Fund

Ride High – “thank you for making these sessions happen during such a challenging time. Parents have already contacted me to say what a positive impact the experiences had on their children. We are dealing with an exceptionally high caseload and we hope this is the beginning of an ongoing partnership and referral pathway for children in need”

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Linda Aradi, Project Coordinator
British Red Cross

Moving Our Community Fund

Safari Kickboxing – Member 1. I wanted to improve my fitness and self-confidence. Being a very short woman has always been an insecurity of mine and there had always been a worry about being able to handle myself in a bad situation. I wanted to improve all these things
Member 2. I wasn’t previously doing any form of exercise since covid, and it was starting to affect my confidence.
Member 3. I wanted to learn something I never thought I’d be able to do.

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Active Medicine

The Active Medicine workshop is an invaluable workshop.  After attending the workshop I felt more knowledgeable about the benefits of physical activity and much more aware of resources that are available nationally and locally to signpost.  The workshop has increased my confidence and skills to support people to be more active.

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Boredom Buster

“I have 6 kids of different age groups so sometimes it is hard to find something they all like to do together. My 3-year-old is being assessed for autism, so it is hard to get him to play and interact with others. He likes the hula hoop, pretending that it’s a steering wheel in a car and he’s driving. He’s not, but didn’t put it down, he even went to bed with it. ”

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Active Medicine

“Brilliant session thank you! Learned a lot and now feel much more confident in my delivery
This has been a brilliant and informative session. Not only can we use it for our patients but also for ourselves”
“I’m feeling so motivated for myself that I’m going to look at local gym membership. Great work you fabulous team”

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Vital funding …

We are delighted to be working with Leap to provide vital funding to enable the groups who work in our communities to lead, support and inspire activity in all its forms, encouraging people to get moving after this difficult lockdown period.

Ian Revell
MK Community Foundation

Proud partners …

We are delighted to be working closely with our long-term strategic partners, Leap, to facilitate urgent funding for projects to encourage physical activity in disadvantaged groups locally in light of the Covid pandemic.  We know that many local organisations encourage physical activity and participation in sport, and they are in need of our support, now more than ever.  Our partnership with Leap is a great local demonstration of localised, targeted, and impactful grant-making that quickly reaches those most in need.

Henry Allmand
Chief Executive of Heard of Bucks

Helping communities …

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, but not equally. The Moving our Community Fund provides vital cash to help those people who face the greatest barriers to activity, as well as improving their resilience through being more active. Throughout the pandemic the Voluntary and Community Sector has pulled together in an unprecedented way. As lead organisations we have been meeting weekly, coordinating how we best help our communities. We understand that sometimes more modest grants can have the biggest impact at a very local level; and we are delighted to be working with the community foundations in Bucks and MK to enable this money to impact where it is most needed, tackling the inequalities the crisis has exposed.

Director, Mark Ormerod

Our own little fitness family …

I love Fun Fitness 4 Women, as it’s so much fun! I look forward to it every week as it’s my stress relief – I’d be lost without my Tuesday morning workout now! Laura is so understanding and friendly – I’ve also met some lovely people there too – it’s our own little fitness family – so people should come and give it a go and join us!

Fun Fitness 4 Women, Fishermead

Fun Fitness 4 Families …

I was really enjoying face to face sessions with you all, it was great to be in a new environment trying something new and also great to meet lots of lovely people. I’m glad we are still able to be active via zoom – it’s not quite the same but still fun and we get a workout done!

Tonight’s session was my first Fun Fitness 4 Families and it was a great workout which I think I will feel in my legs tomorrow!

Fun Fitness 4 Families

Life changing …

A life changing moment I will never forget, that led too so many amazing opportunities.  I can not thank @Leap_BMK enough for everything they so to support and encourage coaches locally.

Melanie Timberlake

Thanks so much …

The Active Medicine training went very well – we had 17 volunteers which was a record for us. Adam was very engaging and the session was fun and worked well on Zoom. I’m sure an update in the future would be welcomed also. Thanks so much.

Vicky Royal
Team Lead for Adult Wellbeing Services, Buckinghamshire Mind