Set up a Satellite club

If you’ve got an idea about how to engage young people in a sport or activity, that’s a fantastic start. We can help you make connections between youth organisations, community groups and schools to make your project really shine. 


Check if the Satellite Club programme is right for your project.

  • Do you want to engage inactive 14-19 year olds in sport or physical activity?
  • Do you have drive and passion to encourage young people who aren’t very active, to do more?
  • Will the sport or activity you want to deliver get young people exercising and out of breath?
  • Could you see the activity you set up continuing long term?
  • Could you benefit from both advice and financial support to get this project up and running?

Note: We welcome all projects, but we’re particularly interested in projects which aim to engage females, young people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, those from lower socio-economic groups or projects which aim to improve emotional wellbeing.

If you don’t think a Satellite club is right for you, there are many other sources of funding which might be suitable. Visit our funding search. 


Put young people at the heart of what you want to do. 
Young people have complex relationships with sport and physical activity, based on their unique personalities and experiences. To encourage them to get, and stay active we need to understand how they think and feel about physical activity and meet their demands for opportunities. All satellite clubs need to engage with young people, to gain their input and help shape the project before any sessions are set up.

Tips on questions to ask young people to identify interest-

  • Ask them what sort of activity that want to do and the best day/time and length for session
  • What would get you more involved in physical activity?
  • How do you currently feel about physical activity?
  • What would motivate you to keep attending a physical activity session every week?

Understand why satellite club participants want to take part and learn from the highlights of other clubs.


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Let us help get you up and running
We can help you make connections with your local school, youth organisation or activitiy provider so that you can work together to give more young people an active start in life.

Financial support for satellite clubs is based on submission of a budget breakdown. For 30 weeks of delivery clubs can benefit from up to £2,000 in instalments. In some instances, increased funding can be agreed, but these will the exceptions rather than the rule.

To express your interest in setting up a satellite club, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.


If you have any queries, please contact Rhiannon Smith via e-mail or call 01296 585556.