Tom Godfrey

Board Member

Tom has worked in sports for most of his life across the globe, although not at the moment! He fully understands the power of sport to inspire and bring people together to help them change their lives. He is particularly interested in creating public and private partnerships to help people and communities make this change.

Sport sector knowledge and experience – 9/10
He has worked in all areas of sport in the UK and around the world for 30 years and in the grassroots and communities of sport for 15 of those years.

Health Sector knowledge and experience – 5/10
Part of a team aiming to launch PBT – Physical Behavioural Therapy into the marketplace which allows exercise to help manage different mental health disorders.

Education sector knowledge and experience – 8/10
School Governor for 6 years, ran a company that delivered PE lessons and after school clubs into primary schools to 8,000 children a week and married to PE Teacher!

Communication skills and experience – 6/10
Founded and run different companies, Tom lives with his wife and four daughters very happily and is currently in a team refining his followership skills.

Ability to affect change – 8/10
Affecting social change is Tom’s professional passion. He has created lots of social change programmes using sport the most successful of which is GOAL a women’s empowerment programme inspired by netball in the slums of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai which now has 12,000 12-18 year old girls enrolled.

Commercial expertise and experience – 8/10
Most of his career has been spent selling sport and community sport to brands and local and national Government to support.