Professor Peter Thomas MBE

Honorary President

Peter was first elected President after his six year maximum term as Chairman ended in 2012.

His professional career embraced working both in the statutory and voluntary – not for profit – sectors in the very wide field of community education in South Wales and Buckinghamshire. Prior to his retirement, he served as the Senior Education Officer (Family & Community Services) and Head of the Arts, Sport & Recreation Service of Buckinghamshire County Council.

Peter was awarded the MBE for services to sport in 2004. In 2013 he was bestowed with the status of Honorary Professor by Buckinghamshire New University, and in 2014 was presented in a ceremony at St. James’s Palace, with the Sport + Recreation Alliance prestigious Emeritus Award. He is a former Buckinghamshire Ambassador.


Sports Sector – Knowledge and Experience – 10/10
Former Member of the GB Sports Council and Chairman of their National Children’s Play and Recreation Management Committee, and Chairmen of the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre Committee. He was appointed by Sport England as Executive Chairman of National Cycling Centre, Manchester, Board Member of the Manchester Sport & Leisure Trust and Executive Director of World Class Hockey.

He has served as a Member of the Executive Committee and then as a Director of the CCPR and since 2004 as a Vice President of the Sport and Recreation Alliance (formerly the CCPR). As Chairman and then as a Vice President of the British Sports Trust – Sports Leaders UK; as Interim Chief Executive of England Netball and as a Director and then Patron of the Youth Sport Trust; and as Chairman of the National Hockey Foundation. He has also served as a Vice President of Sports Officials UK.


Health Sector Knowledge and Experience – 7/10
Former Board Member, Vice Chairman and Interim Chief Executive of the British Wheelchair Sports Foundation (Wheelpower). He played a key role in the Stoke Mandeville Institute of Sports and Education.


Education Sector Knowledge and experience – 10/10
Over 35 years experience working in the education sector of three Local Education Authorities. Was also Lecturer at Swansea College of Education and Visiting Professor and Director of Sport at Buckinghamshire New University. Represented the UK on a number of Pan – European working groups on Sport & Young People.


Communication Skills and Experience – 9/10
His sport and recreation speaking engagements have taken him from Melbourne to Moscow and from Prague to Tokyo. He has also served as a sports consultant to the Sultanate of Oman, the University of Oman and the State of Bahrain. He has had numerous articles published; edited the Bucks County Council voluntary sector magazine – The Swan – and has made a number of television and other forms of media appearances.


Ability to affect change – 8/10
Has been engaged by Sport England as a consultant on the corporate governance and financial management of sport, and has acted as an adviser to a number of national sports organisations in their change management programmes.


Commercial Experience – 7/10
As the Chair, Executive Director, Interim Chief Executive of a number of national voluntary organisations, he has experienced both the high and lows of being dependent on external funding. He served for twenty years as the Chairman of the Sole Trustee and then the Management Committee – of the CCPR / British Sports trust –  Colson Fellowship Fund.