Abbi Mckane

Participation Project Manager

Abbi has a sixth sense for sports development and setting up activities. Having worked in the sector for over a decade and with experience of establishing both local and countywide programmes she is the key driver to many of our successful participation projects.

In particular Abbi manages the Active Vale project. Her invaluable experience and insight into the needs of communities at a local level is mainly focussed on adult participation but crosses over into work with young people too.

Fondly referred to as the office chatterbox, Abbi loves a bucket of tea but works hard in both the work and sporting arenas and is famed for her crazy exercise regime which includes military fitness, netball, running and anything else she can throw herself into.

Abbi’s normal working days are Tuesday 9am – 5pm, Wednesday 9am – 2.30pm and Thursday 9am – 5pm