Midday Mile

Go a mile at midday to improve your health and productivity

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We’re urging workers across the county to get up from your desks and move a midday mile!

A simple concept, walk, cycle, run or swim a mile rather than sitting at your desk with your soggy sandwich! Most of us spend over 6 hours sat down every day and its just not health for us, so make a change and join us for a midday mile.




In need of route inspiration?

You might already have an idea of where to walk a mile from your workplace (it should take you about 15 minutes) but if you’re in need of a few ideas we recommend you check out the Walk 4 Life website which allows you to search for routes from your postcode. You can also make up your own to share with others.

Don’t forget to tweet us a picture of your workplace doing your mile to @Leap_BMK #MiddayMile