Keeping Primary school children active during the Covid-19 pandemic

With schools closed the role of teaching PE (among other subjects) sits with families. Together with the network of School Games Organisers (SGOs) we’ve collated a list of resources that can help residents to keep their children active and meet the learning objectives from the PE curriculum.

PE activities

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum that children are taught in schools guides their learning of movement skills like agility, balance and coordination as well as developing life skills like resilience, empathy and leadership.  In addition, pupils are also taught the importance of developing good healthy lifestyle behaviours like sleep, nutrition, hydration, physical activity. Whilst covering some of these topics at home with your children might seem a little daunting, there are a whole host of resources and planned sessions that take the pressure off covering learning outcomes and keeping the little ones entertained. We’ve collated a list of resources for schools to share with their parents below:


Complete PE & Youth Sport Trust

Free home learning resources to challenge and develop physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning. Includes PE home learning, active breaks & 60 second challenges.

Click here to access the Youth Sport Trust free home learning resources


Premier League Primary Stars

A collection of free, curriculum-linked activities to educate and entertain children at home. You can find lots of ideas for helping children get active, as well as fun videos, games and worksheets for Maths, English and Health and Wellbeing.

Click here to access the Premier League Primary Stars resource.



Amaven’s Young Champions programme provides children with sessions that develop fitness, motor control & sport skills at home.

Click here to access the Amaven resource.


Real PE

Real PE is a unique, child centered approach to teach PE to include, challenge and support every child. Real PE at home online learning resources will be provided for free during school closure.
Schools can sign up for free access by sending your name, school name, postcode, county and email address to or for more information click here to visit the Real PE website. 

See a sample of the resource in the video below:

real PE at home from Create Development on Vimeo.



The imovement gets kids learning actively every day at home.  It’s free forever for you to use with your children aged 4- to 11-years old and features new fun activities every day.

Click here for more information and to sign up for the imoves resource.


Succeed in PE

Succeed in PE and the PE Suite are collating a range of resources to provide an easy way to give families PE, physical activity games & sports ideas. This link will be managed and updated by the Succeed in PE team.

Click here to view the list of resources collated by Succeed in PE. 


The PE Umbrella

The successful primary PE podcast have kindly shared a useful resource booklet called “Little Movers” with a variety of fun, engaging activities for parents and children to do together.

Click here to view the PE Umbrella resource.



Active lessons

Being active doesn’t need to be limited to formal PE,  teaching wider school subjects such as English and Maths in a physical way helps to reduce children sitting for too long and making the learning fun. Below we’ve collated some resources that can help parents teach a variety of subjects in an active way.


Burn 2 Learn

Resources and activities will be released on Burn 2 Learn YouTube channel and Facebook page to help get parents and children moving and learning at home.

Click here to view the Burn 2 Learn Youtube channel.

Click here to view the Burn 2 Learn Facebook page. 


Teach Active

Teach Active have announced a free homework resource is available to all subscribed schools. Allowing parents/carers to support children learning from home with access to 250+ resources covering all aspects of the curriculum.

Click here for more information on the Teach Active resource.





General physical activity

Whether its jumping, dancing, imaginative play, or their favourite game, general physical activity can also provide valuable, fun breaks in the day, support wider learning and give everyone a much needed release.

Sport England’s #GetActiveAtHome campaign has a dedicated web page of activity ideas including things you can do with the kids to get them moving too. Click here to access the Sport England #StayInWorkOut webpage.

We’ve also included a few additional ideas below:



BBC Super Movers

The BBC Super Movers website contains a host of free online videos and fun curriculum linked resources to get children moving while they learn. The videos feature a range of professional sportsmen and women as well as celebrities to engage children even further.

Click here to access the BBC Super Movers website. 


Real Play

Real Play at home is an online platform that supports families to play and learn together. It includes 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges, and 1000s of hours of fun and activity for every family! The programme is free for schools and families to access during the school closure period. Email ​ to sign up.

Click here to find out more about the Real Play platform.