Buckinghamshire Evaluation Framework

Guidance and tools to help you demonstrate the difference your projects make

We have been commissioned by Buckinghamshire County Council to develop this light touch evaluation framework that is intended to fill the gap for the physical activity and sport sector across Buckinghamshire.

It is designed to guide and support the professional workforce of both strategic and delivery partners to measure the outcomes for physical activity and sport projects against local and national outcomes.

There are 3 different frameworks with suitable questions for the intended age groups:

5 -7 year olds (school years 1 and 2)
8-16 year olds (school years 3-11)
Everyone aged 17 years and above

To support our local measurement of the impact of physical activity and sport, there are a range of validated tools available.  A validated tool means that a set of questions have been tested in a research setting to make sure they provide an accurate way of measuring the specified outcome.  It is extremely important that validated questions are not changed, doing so invalidates them.

How to use

The framework is light touch, practical to implement, with the key focus on a serious of questions that can be built into projects at the start and included at follow up to demonstrate impact against a variety of outcomes.  The document provides a series of questions to be built into commissioning and project design.

The questions are intended to be included on session registration forms.  You will find category, question text, question answer options or format, the reason for asking the question and the question source for inclusion.  As our primary purpose is to decrease the number of inactive people in county, it is essential that the relevant physical activity question (see section 2) is used.

Sections 3 to 5 measure outcomes that physical activity can contribute to, for example mental well-being (section 3).  Including these questions in your project will enable you to demonstrate your project impact against wider Sport England/Government outcomes, compare to national trends and to hopefully support the case for investment.


Analysing the data

There is an accompanying spread sheet that automatically calculates start and end or project stats in actual numbers and percentages and the change in the measures from start to finish of the activity or project.


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Email: info@leapwithus.org.uk or call 01296 585215


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We are really keen to make this area of work as practical and useful to our partners as possible.
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Supporting tools

Evaluation Framework – 5-7 year olds (school years 1 and 2) 

Evaluation Framework – 8-16 year olds (school years 3-11)

Evaluation Framework – Everyone aged 17 years and above 


Spreadsheet for crunching stats – for children aged 5-16 (Excel spread sheet)

Spreadsheet for crunching stats – for adults (Excel spread sheet)

Short Active Lives forms (Excel spread sheet)

Registration forms – to follow shortly