Our offer for clubs

We support sports clubs across Bucks and MK to promote and develop themselves...

We recognise the challenges that clubs face today, Leap has the solutions through our flexible club support package. Linking with Sport England’s Club Matters programme plus Leap’s training and funding advice. We can help your club be heard, connected and innovative.

Developing and accrediting your club – Improve your club in areas from club finances to how you promote yourselves. Apply for accreditation to show your club is a safer, stronger and more successful sports club. Click here to find out more. 

Developing the club workforce – From having enough volunteers to attracting and keeping quality coaches, qualified to the appropriate level, having the right workforce is essential to a successful club. Find out more. 

Promoting funding opportunities – Funding can often be a limiting factor for clubs from developing facilities to starting new sessions. We have a database of funding sources which clubs can access and can also provide advice if you have more specific requirements. Click here to find funding for your club.

Courses for volunteers and coaches – We co-ordinate Safeguarding and First Aid courses designed specifically for those in a sporting environment. Courses take place across the county and can be booked directly through us.

Promoting sessions – Our activity search tool allows clubs to log their session details for free and benefit from the marketing campaigns we run which encourage residents of Bucks and MK to get more active for life and search for activity near them using our website. Promote your club now.

School Links – Many clubs can benefit from improved links with their local schools. We can help facilitate links between schools and clubs, matching participants with a place to play. Click here to make a link with your local school. 

For more information or advice contact Shay Fenlon on 01296 585604 or via e-mail.