Reach into Project 500

More Women Better Coaching




Only 30% of coaches are female but we are changing that!

We believe many women are already ‘coaching’ in their everyday lives and we would like to encourage more to use their skills in sport and physical activity. Whether a parent, grandparent, nurse, office manager, teacher or even student, women help others to learn new skills, develop and grow as people. These ‘softer skills’ are integral to coaching and help provide a meaningful experience for participants.

By recognising the connection between the existing skills women already have and how they can be transferred to sports coaching we will create a more diverse that provides more choice for participants to be coached by people they can connect with.

Project 500 is a regional initiative across the South East of England that has been active since 2013 and aims to recruit, develop and retain more women in coaching.

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For more information around the benefits of Project 500 in Bucks & MK please contact Shay Fenlon or call 01296 585604.

Buddy Up

All coaches are different and require varying degrees of support. However, often many just need someone to talk to overcome challenges that they may be facing. Buddy Up aims to connect coaches as a form peer mentoring; over the phone, over a coffee or on facebook. A buddy is someone who you find easy to talk to, who will listen and understand your challenges, act as a sounding board and offer support and encouragement.

If you would like to ‘Buddy Up’ with someone like you then we can help. All you need to do is click HERE and complete our easy registration form. We will then contact you when we have found you a buddy.

The Reach Project

Heard about Reach? Reach is a UK wide campaign delivered by Sports Coach UK which also supports women into coaching. Special thanks to all the fantastic female coaches in the South East and beyond who have engaged with Project 500 since 2013 and helped shape Reach across the UK. We think ‘Reach’ into Project 500 sounds pretty good.