Gymnastics resources for schools

We might not be able to come together to compete in the School Games, but young people from across Bucks and MK can still test and develop their skills across a whole host of sports. Below you’ll find Football activities that can be completed at home or at school.

These activities and resources have been developed by the network of School Games Organisers across Bucks and MK, working hard to ensure every young person can still enjoy and benefit from competitive sport and physical activities.

Click here to view or download the pdf of the instructions for the Gymnastics challenge, or view below.






Make sure you have a safe space to work in, with plenty of room for the skills you choose.



  • Try the gymnastics skills (click here to view) think about control and tight bodies.
  • Pick your favourite ones from each section.
  • Make an 8 skill sequence, include 1 move from each section plus your favourite 3!
  • Skills can be done in any order.
  • Only include skills you are confident in and can perform with control and good technique.
  • Lastly, think about the connections between skills, to make your sequence flow.




The sequences will be judged on:

  • Including all component skills
  • Technique, posture and body tension
  • Flow and Transition


Top Tips


  • To keep it simple will help you keep your sequence controlled. If you want to challenge yourself add a turn jump into your sequence and connect a skill to it.
  • Make sure you clear a space so you have room  to perform the skills.


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Interested in more ways to move?

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