Cricket resources for schools

We might not be able to come together to compete in the School Games, but young people from across Bucks and MK can still test and develop their skills across a whole host of sports. Below you’ll find Football activities that can be completed at home or at school.

These activities and resources have been developed by the network of School Games Organisers across Bucks and MK, working hard to ensure every young person can still enjoy and benefit from competitive sport and physical activities.

Click here to download the pdf of the instructions for the Cricket challenges or view below.



Challenge 1 – Fabulous Fielder




  • A ball -Tennis ball / small soft ball / rolled up socks / paper ball.
  • A target -Something to throw your ball at eg. Bucket, tins, plant pot.
  • A sock to be the start point.




  1. Place your target/s 5 metres/ big steps way from your start point.
  2. Stand facing your target and aim to throw the ball at the target .(3 points if you hit your target)
  3. Run and collect your ball and go back to the start
  4. Throw/ roll your ball for 60 secs. Trying to hit it as many as possible




How many times can you throw the ball to hit your target in 60 seconds.. You get 1 point every time you field the ball and 3 points each time you hit the target.


Top Tips


  • Point/ aim at your target where you want the ball to go
  • Run quickly to collect/ field the ball



Challenge 2 – Super Striker




  • Tennis racket / baking tray / frying pan book
  • Tennis ball / small soft ball / rolled up socks paper/ tinfoil ball
  • Basket / bucket / target
  • Cone or tin to use as a marker




  1. Place your targets on the floor and take 4 big strides and place down your marker.
  2. Standing at the marker, hit the ball at the target.
  3. Once you have hit all 6 balls, collect them and try again.




You have 2 minutes to see how many times you can hit target/s . You must collect them after every 6 attempts. Always hit the ball from your marker. You get 1 point for every ball that hits the target


Top Tips


  • The bigger your target the easier it will be.
  • When you hit the ball make sure your bat is facing the target and follow through towards the target.



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