Athletics resources for schools

We might not be able to come together to compete in the School Games, but young people from across Bucks and MK can still test and develop their skills across a whole host of sports. Below you’ll find Football activities that can be completed at home or at school.

These activities and resources have been developed by the network of School Games Organisers across Bucks and MK, working hard to ensure every young person can still enjoy and benefit from competitive sport and physical activities.

Click here to view or download a pdf of the Athletics instructions, or view below.



Challenge 1 – 50m Shuttle Run




  •  Measuring Tape/Ruler/String
  •  Markers, you could use socks or a jumper
  •  Stopwatch/Phone


  1.  Place a marker at the start
  2.  Measure out 5m
  3.  Place marker to 5m point
  4.  Time how fast it takes to run 50m, there and back 5 times


Time how long it takes you to complete 10 shuttles (50m). This should be done as quickly as possible. To get a score for this event you will need to take your time away from 100. i.e. if you ran 23.23 your score would be 100-23.23=76.77



Challenge 2 – 5 min Colour Run or 5 x 1 min Relay Run



  •  Some colourful clothes, the brighter the better
  •  Measure out a distance in the longest area you can find
  •  Stop watch/Phone


  1.  Make sure you are wearing colour
  2.  Start your stop watch
  3.  Get someone to watch how far you run
  4.  Stop at 5 minutes
  5.  Or do it in a team and break it up as 5 x 1 minute runs


The person that gets the furthest wins

Winner Year 5/6

Winner Year 7/8

Winner Year 9/10

Top Tips

  •  Do not go off too fast
  •  Don’t forget to use your arms
  •  Keep SMILING



Challenge 3 – Shot Put



  • A tennis ball (can be substituted for anything that is round and safe to throw, eg, rolled up socks, sponge ball, bean bag) but make sure you only throw outside
  • 1 cone for marking (can be substituted for any object that will allow you to mark where your ball landed)
  • Ruler, measuring stick, tape measure (anything that will allow you to measure the distance jumped in cm)


  1. Find an outside space to complete this task
  2. Rest the ball on your finger, try not to let the ball touch the palm of your hand
  3. Stand side on, crouch down low with your toe, knee and chin inline, putting your weight onto your back leg.
  4. Tuck the ball into the neck and keep your elbow high
  5. Non throwing arm up for balance and trajectory
  6. Transfer your body weight from your back leg to your front leg and push the ball in the air – release the ball high


Measure the furthest distance you throw from the throw line. Remember to mark exactly where the ball lands and use this as your score.

Top Tips

  • Push the ball and do not throw it
  • Start with a low body position and finish high
  • Dirty fingers but a clean palm
  • Keep the throwing arm elbow high
  • Keep your chin, knee and toe all in line
  • Drive your hips to the front to transfer your bodyweight, this is where the power comes from



Challenge 4 – Long Jump



  • Outdoor space (big enough for your run up and jump)
  • 1 cone for marking (can be substituted for any object that will allow you to mark where you landed)
  • Ruler, measuring stick, tape measure (anything that will allow you to measure the distance jumped in cm)


  1. Find your take off foot by falling forwards
  2. Run backwards (3 to 5 strides) from the take off line, turn around to face the direction of the jump
  3. Gradually get faster as you approach the take off line
  4. Take off from one foot (your take off foot)
  5. Look ahead and not down at the floor
  6. Extend arms and legs into a banana shape position
  7. Bend knees to land and land on two feet
  8. Bring arms forward to stop yourself falling backwards


Measure the furthest distance you jump from the take off line. Remember to mark exactly where your back foot lands (closest foot to the jump line) and if possible, get someone to mark it for you.

Top Tips

  • Run as fast as possible
  • Remember your 3 or 5 stride run up
  • Clean take off on one foot
  • Drive spare leg up and lift arms up
  • Shoot legs forward to get more distance to your jump
  • Land on two feet with weight forward



Enter your best score in the Virtual School Games Competition

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