Activity levels in Bucks & MK

Information about activity levels in Bucks & MK, including local data from Sport England's Active Lives Survey.

The Active Lives Survey tracks the number of people taking part in sport and wider physical activity in England.

Sport England run two surveys: Active Lives Adult (16+), which is published twice a year and replaced the Active People Survey, and the world-leading Active Lives Children and Young People, which is published annually. 

Both give a unique and comprehensive view of how people are getting active across England.  For more information on the methodology, sample size and questions click here.

The documents linked below summarises the most recent national and local data from the Active Lives Adult survey, we have placed this data in summary reports with graphs, tables (in the appendix) and key takeaways.  The most recent data is alongside data from the previous Active Lives releases from the baseline in 2015/16.   It is important you look for trends in the data and do not look at individual years, having said that the Active Lives 5 and 6 adult data sets/reports will include survey data impacted on by the Covid Pandemic and restrictions.

Please note, that due to unitary authority status for Buckinghamshire starting in April 2020, the Active Lives 4 survey data was the last time data for the districts of Aylesbury, Chiltern, Wycombe and South Bucks will have been included.


Sport England have also added the data into an Active Lives interactive tool which you can run searches on to help identify local data and key groups to target.


To help our partners delivering opportunities for Bucks and MK residents to be active, we have profiled each ward by activity need for the whole county and highlighted the top 5 and top 30 areas of most activity need.  The full spreadsheet and priority areas can be found on our website by clicking here.