Our offer to NGB’s

Connecting NGBs to the local area and partners whilst supporting them with the development of clubs, coaches and volunteers.

NGBs are integral to the partnership’s work; Leap strives to ensure that relevant NGB products are embedded throughout the county to meet existing demand but also open up new markets.

Through our core contract with Sport England we are commissioned to support 46 National Governing Bodies to achieve their objectives of getting more people playing their sports.

We also provide an enhanced service to NGBs and work hard at attracting as much investment as possible from NGB’s for increasing levels of participation in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes.

To do this we must be clear of the market place, the demographic, the facility stock and the workforce – our knowledge about our consumer profile is key to NGB success in our county.

Below is an overview of our offer to NGBs.


Strategic Networking
Director & Board support
Attendance/presenter at county forums – contact Andrea Healy
Access to local authorities & SPANs – contact Chris Gregory
SGO’s/HE/FE groups – contact Sion Kitson

Funding Advice/Opportunities – contact Andrea Healy
Application support – contact Andrea Healy
Access to Sportivate money – contact Jacqueline Galvin

Marketing – contact Kirsty Ingham
Local press contacts
Social media messaging
Website activity search

Health – contact Chris Gregory
Interpreting H&WB priorities
Public Health & CCG access/priorities
Inclusion in GET INvolved campaigns

Programme Delivery
NGB WSP Commissions – contact Abbi McKane

Local Insight – contact Stacey Gunther
Local Authority profiles
Market segmentation
APS interpretation & advice

Coaching database, brokerage, bursary support. advice and support on workforce development auditing & planning. – contact Sion Kitson
Generic and bespoke coach and workforce development workshops – contact Sion Kitson
Volunteer database and project 500 contacts – contact Shay Fenlon

Primary Sport Premium offer – contact Mark Stokes
Primary PE Conference attendance or presenter – contact Fiona McMillan
Satellite Club facilitator & funding – contact Sarah Simmons
School Games LOC (Local Organising Committee) and Level 3 games – contact Fiona McMillan

Other – contact Chris Gregory
Business engagement
New officer mentoring
Hot desking