What we do

The key themes which guide our work

To deliver on our vision of improving lives through physical activity and sport by reducing the number of inactive residents we’ve identified three key principles which guide our work. We want to…


Identify and reach the right people

Through greater understanding of our places and people we will improve and increase the opportunities for the least active to lead an active life.

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We will identify who and where the right people live through our granular understanding of Bucks and MK.

What will success look like?
By identifying the least active areas in Bucks & MK and gathering insight on each area we will be able to maximise the funds we have to invest and guide our network of delivery partners.


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We will understand and apply behaviour change principles and encourage our partners to adopt this approach.

What will success look like?
By undertaking behaviour change training and embedding the theory in our planning and delivery of investments we’ll encourage long term active livestyles. We will coordinate a series of workshops for our network of deliverers to help them delivery high quality, effective inteventions too.


Taking every opportunity to collect appropriate participation data and customer intelligence to grow our insight culture.

What will success look like?
We will adopt a standardised evaluation framework across our investments and those of our delivery partners. We will gather and process data to demonstrate the wider social value of our work and that of our partners.

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Broaden our partnerships

We will broaden our network, helping partners to understand and maximize the value of physical activity and sport together.


We’ll identify and work with partners who will benefit most from investing in physical activity and sport to achieve their strategic outcomes.

What will success look like?
Using our understanding of the least active areas and the people who live there we will identify and work with strategic partners who can help engage residents.
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Sharing our knowledge and understanding of the wider social value of physical activity and sport with our delivery partners.

What will success look like?
We will share our knowledge of the least active areas and the people who live there with our partners and delivery network.


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Equipping key advocates with the knowledge to talk passionately about the benefits of physical activity and sport for Bucks and MK.

What will success look like?
We will maximise the power of our board by equipping them with knowledge of the work we undertake with our partners. We will also grow our set of strategic advocates who support us to make the case for investment into physical activity and sport across the county.

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Improve places and spaces

We will work with partners who are responsible for places and spaces to consider how the infrastructure and workforce can best support and promote active lifestyles.


Location point iconMaximising the use of community assets which can be used for physical activity and sport.

What will success look like?
We will support our network to unlock, improve and broaden the usage of community facilities and green spaces for the purpose of being active.
This will increase the variety and availability of suitable activities to engage inactive residents.


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Influencing planners and developers to provide places and spaces for communities to be active together.

What will success look like?
We will have worked with the local authority leisure and community teams to influence the planning and allocation of leisure, sport and active travel infrastructure being upgraded or built across the county.  The ultimate aim is to support and promote more active lifestyles within our communities. 


Training the workforce to ensure they understand the needs of existing and new customers.

What will success look like?
We will have delivered a programme of information sharing seminars and training workshops to a broader spectrum of delivery partners;  Enabling them to put the inactive customer at the heart of their planning and delivery of activities leading to better sustained engagement and a reduction in inactive residents.



Find out how we’re helping to improve the places and spaces available to be active. 


Over the period of our strategy (2018-2022) we’ll be keeping a close eye on how we’re performing against our ambitions and publishing updates each year, you can keep track of the impact we’re making here.