How we’re reaching the right people

Through greater understanding of our people and communities we are improving and increasing opportunties for the least active to lead an active life.

Identifying who and where the right people live through our granular understanding of Bucks and MK.


We have identified the 30 wards across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes with the greatest activity need. These wards have been selected based on inactivity levels, demographics, deprivation data and live participation data (via DataHub.)

By working with partners operating in the areas we can encourage communities there to become more active. In turn this will have the biggest impact on inactivity and generate the greatest social value, helping us tackle the challenges Bucks & MK faces.

We are prioritising these wards throughout the duration of our strategic framework (2018-2022) and will be ensuring that 65% of the investment we have responsibility for is made into projects and interventions there.

In addition, this targeted work will tackle at least one of the following issues; the aging population, large scale housing growth, growing inequalities and rural deprivation and increasing poor mental wellbeing.

We are working to build our insight around the 30 wards, including people and facility assets, transport links, population type and partners who operate there. If you can help us do this, please contact

Click here to view the 30 priority areas


Understanding and applying behaviour change principles and encouraging our partners to adopt this approach.


Empowering young women to make healthier choices

In Milton Keynes 66.7% of adults are classified as overweight or obese, so encouraging active lifestyles and improving dietary education at a young age is key to helping the population develop healthy habits for life.

Therefore a small group of inactive girls were identified through the Milton Keynes school and took part in the project. Combining exercise and nutrition, and locally activating the national This Girl Can campaign it empowered young women to make healthier choices.

Consisting of eight afterschool sessions, the content was designed for girls aged 16 to 17 years who are irregularly or consistently inactive. Click here to read the full case study.



Taking every opportunity to collect appropriate participation data and customer intelligence to grow our insight culture.


The leisure and sport sector collects lots of data, but we aren’t great at using it effectively or making sure that we collect consistent data across programmes. With investment at a premium, we need to work smarter ensuring we place funding and the right activities in the right areas for the target population.

Datahub receives continuous live data feeds from numerous Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes leisure facilities as a result allowing centres to see trends in usage across certain populations and activities.

We have purchased a license to open up this intelligence tool to our network of deliverers, to help better inform decisions/collaboration, understand what works well where and demonstrate wider social value of projects.

If you want your organisation to benefit from this by feeding your anonymised data into the tool please contact



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