How we’re broadening our partners

By broadening our network, we will improve the opportunities to reach the people who can benefit most from increasing their levels of physical activity.


Identifying and working with partners who will benefit most from investing in physical activity and sport to achieve their strategic outcomes.


Working in partnership with the Wycombe Fire Service, Fire Fit is an innovative project which has multiple benefits. It combines fire education and promotes healthy living and fitness. Aiming to effect participants’ outlook and therefore their behaviour in school and the local community.

The project targets changes in their behaviour and as a result improves confidence and increases self esteem. Besides that it raised awareness of the danger of fire and the critical role of the fire service. Click here for a full description of the project and it’s impact.




Sharing our knowledge and understanding of the wider social value of physical activity and sport with our delivery partners.


Our partner forums provide an opportunity for our network of partners to gather and share information, insight and best practice. The forum takes places three times each year and on the same day as the Physical Activitiy group and SGO (School Games Organiser) meetings.

Each month we also share the latest updates and information with our network through our partners e-news. You can sign up to receive these monthly e-mails, or update your details here. 



Equiping key advocates with the knowledge to talk passionately about the benefits of physical activity and sport for Bucks and MK.


Our board comprises of a group of experts in their fields, with years of experience in the legal, sport, business and health sectors they act as powerful advocates for the benefits of physical activity and sport. Click here to find out more about the skills of our board.

The workforce are a vital component in shaping the physical activity and sport experiences of local residents. On the frontline of the battle against inactivity, the workforce are therfore the perfect ambassadors for the more active lifestyles. We’ve worked with a group of influencial coaches and leaders so they can help shape the support we offer to other coaches. Click here to find out how coaches are helping us shape the development of the workforce.



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