About Us

Find out more about the Leap team, our board, the work we do and how to get in touch.

Why we exist  

Leap is a social enterprise that exists to improve the lives of residents in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes (through regular movement, physical activity and sport.)  

We know that increased regular movement and activity improves lives. It leads to better physical and mental health, resilient and employable people, connected communities, cleaner air and individuals who live in their own homes for longer and in better health.    

In fact, it’s proven that the least active people have the most to gain, and every movement counts.  

What we do 

At Leap, we believe that regardless of who you are and where you live, you should be able to benefit from the lifechanging effects of regular movement. But there are a whole host of complex, connected barriers stopping people from being active.   

Leap’s mission is to break down these barriers and level up the inequalities. 

Who we are

We’ve operated in the county for over 20 years, and we’re a crack team of experts in movement, physical activity and sport, who are dedicated to making movement matter.    

Who’s lives are we improving?

As a small team, we work smart to maximise our impact, focusing our work on priority groups and places that will benefit the most from activity.  We know that the least active people have the most to gain from regular movement. However, we also know that there are a whole host of complex inter-connected barriers preventing people from being active. 

These barriers are particularly acute for: 

  • people in ethnically diverse communities,  
  • low Income households,  
  • disabled people,  
  • people living with one or more long term conditions  
  • children and young people from the above groups

Working in areas of greatest activity need 

Research shows that where people are born, grow, live, work and age has a huge impact on their health.  This is why we also work in priority areas in the county. Places of highest activity need, where the barriers and inequalities are the greatest.  

How we work  

We’re trying to tackle some big societal issues and we know we can’t do this alone, so we work with a broad range of partners.  

Together with our partners we aim to position movement as an integral part of the systems that influence all our lives – central to education, healthcare, workplaces, communities, infrastructure and community development.  By using this systemic approach, together we hope to create the greatest impact and long-term change.  


We build relationships and make connections 

We develop and share actionable insights

We advise on policy and projects 

We secure and maximise investment  

We energise people, places and spaces





The nub of the Leap approach to stakeholder engagement and strategic networking is simply about being visible and being relevant. This not only requires a flexible and dynamic approach to align best with partners objectives, but also requires effort and perseverance as often relationship are first built between people, and then built between organisations. Click here to view our annual stakeholder management plan.

More information on our work is available on this website or meet the team and learn more about our work areas. You can view our organisational structure here.

Leap is hosted on behalf of the county-wide partnership by Buckinghamshire Council and as such abides by their regulations and guidance. You can find out more about our Equality Policy here.