Creating a movement together – October Partner Forum (presenter resources)

Mark Ormerod

Mark Ormerod

Evolving our approach and creating a movement together

It was great to reconnect with a number of Leap’s strategic partners at our most recent partner forum on 20th October. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes working across the team and with our Board as we work to clearly position our strategic direction. As ever it’s a question of balancing our local strategic intent for Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes, with the key ambitions, set out in Sport England’s Uniting the Movement. Fortunately, we are very close, as underpinning our direction is the shared desire to tackle and reduce inequalities.


We understand now more than ever before the reasons people of all ages do not play or benefit from physical activity and sport. It is not because they do not like it or they are not sporty (perhaps for some, that’s true). For most people it’s about access, it’s about cost, time, distance, transport, childcare, their health, their work:life balance and about prejudice. These are huge issues, much bigger than Leap, or Sport England can tackle alone. These are systemic issues that will require a whole system approach to address. Whole systems nationally for Sport England at the macro level and whole systems locally for Leap at the micro level. But the principles remain the same . . . we can only achieve this in partnership with others.

Thankfully we are heavily invested in this way of working, and are designing our future strategy around existing principles. So we make no apologies when we describe this as evolution not revolution. Leap will continue to operate, living our organisation values, but working to the three broad principles of how we believe we can achieve the greatest impact.

Gaining a deeper understanding and developing more support for targeted groups

If using the example of Black Lives Matter, has helped us understand more, about prejudice, unconscious-bias and lived experience; we now know our work requires us to empathise in a far more intelligent way, and that barriers to participation are beyond what we thought we knew, we need a much deeper understanding.

Influencing systems

We categorically understand the importance of partnership having operated this way for the past 21 years. Going into our 22nd year Leap needs to step-change as a systems influencer, using our expertise, experience and our investment as catalysts for change. I believe if we do anything individually, then we have wasted an opportunity to work with others who can add to our existing knowledge.

Energizing places and spaces

We are a long way from the ‘build it and they will come’ mentality, instead we aim to stimulate the use of existing space and tired facilities. We’ll also be working to enrich unusual places to become hubs of community cohesion and identity through sport, activity and play. We need to take our ques from other sectors who have done this better, such as the arts. Glastonbury without the music is just a farm; but adding the music it has become globally known as a place of culture, a place of experience and a place with connection and memories for millions of people.

We would love our partners to continue on this journey with us as we evolve our strategic intent and build on the impact we’ve shared over the past four-year cycle, please drop thoughts and comments through to Mark Ormerod

Join the movement and leap with us.


Presenter resources from the forum

Leap Strategy Refresh  Mark Ormerod – Leap
An update on progress following our presentations and discussions at our July forum.  We will share where we have got to, highlight the changes we have made and outline the focus for the Leap team January 2022-2026.
Click here to download a draft document outlining the Strategy refresh.

Bringing Uniting the Movement to Life

Click here to download the slides from the presentations.
Active Medicine Report and Impact  Chris Gregory – Leap
Highlights of the recently released Active Medicine report including key achievements, improvements and areas of
focus going forward.

Moving our Communities Programme (TiF) – Andrea Healy – Leap
Overview of range of investments, breadth of partner’s engaged and early impact. We will also share news and about
future funding to tackle inequalities through the Together Fund.