The Leap Coaching Fund – Supporting and developing coaches delivering within Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

We are currently supporting Cricket coach and Bucks Cricket Board Territoral Manager Emma Boswell to gain her Level 3 Advanced Cricket Coaching Course via the Leap Coaching Fund. We caught up with Emma recently to find out how she is getting on,

Why did you apply to the Leap Coach Fund? What course did the funding allow you to complete?

I have been playing cricket since I was 9 and I wanted to carry on in the sport even when I stopped playing. For me, stepping into coaching was a natural progression in the sport. I applied to the Leap Coach Fund so that I could self-fund my ECB Level 3 Advanced Coaching Course. I had heard about the funding through the Leap e-newsletter and I wanted to do the course so that I can enhance my coaching knowledge and progress my coaching career.

How has this qualification impacted your development as a coach and consequently benefited the participants within your sessions?

The qualification has given me more technical knowledge than I had before. That means that I am in a better place as a coach to help players develop across a wider range of skills ie. spin bowling, wicket-keeping.
The course has also made me really consider what my coaching philosophy is and the type of coach I want to be. It means that I now have a clear approach to my coaching and I believe this makes my sessions more enjoyable for me and the players.

After gaining your qualification, what are the next steps for you as a coach?
I will continue as a cricket development officer in Buckinghamshire and help develop and grow women and girls cricket in the county as well as supporting the development of the female coaches that we have in the county.
I also have a keen interest in mentoring so I will be setting up an informal mentoring program for female cricket coaches in the county. Hopefully this will help other coaches in the area develop their skills and coaching knowledge.

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