Having a mentor “shoots you out of a cannon”, like a computer game when you go over a square and it gives you a power boost!

We caught up with Netball coach Santria Jones to ask her some questions around being involved with Leap’s Coaching Development Programme. Here’s what she had to say…

Why did you join the Leap Coaching Development Programme?

I was adrift from completing my level 2 and hadn’t thought more about focusing on coaching. I am part of a village club so only saw what happened within those sessions. I was slightly “rudderless” and needed someone who could be a sounding board. The email about the programme landed at a great time to direct me.

Tell me a little bit about how the programme has had a positive impact on you as a coach?

I was ready to go with no direction. Having a person who had belief in me made my journey quicker. Whilst I have the ability to push myself, having a mentor “shoots you out of a cannon”, like a computer game when you go over a square and it gives you a power boost!

Can you explain how the programme has supported your development as a coach?

The growth mindset workshop, I recognised my own thinking and realised I could push myself faster. Would like to have done more workshops but due to other commitments was unable to.

Would you recommend it to other coaches? Why?  What are your next steps for your own personal development?

Yes! Even if coaches don’t think they can benefit, they can! Suitable for all coaches and especially those starting out. From being on the programme I have been offered more opportunities such as coaching at Uni of Buckingham and found the back 2 netball role.

My next steps are to take my own squad after trials, continue to support my village club with new L2 and taking sessions.

Just as participants can be coached to develop and improve their performance, so can coaches. The aim of the Leap Coaching Development Programme is to raise coaching standards by improving the technical and softer skills of coaches to engage and provide high quality experience for their participants. If you have the drive and motivation to develop yourself then this opportunity could be for you!

Applications for coaches to apply to the Leap Coaching Development Programme are now OPEN. Find out more by clicking here.