You’ve got a friend in me

We caught up with Taekwondo Instructor, Sportivate and Satellite Club deliverer Fiona Cook around her experience of being involved with Leap’s Sportivate Buddy-up scheme.


Being part of Sportivate’s new Buddy-up Scheme has been amazing.  The highlight of this whole experience has definitely been my point of contact for all my coaching questions, Katie.  Instead of having to rely upon internet searchers and friends or family members for their opinion, I was able to ask Katie, my buddy, who has a breadth of knowledge and experience in coaching; which is invaluable when you are a newly qualified coach.  My relationship with Katie has in turn lead to more coaching opportunities; a Sportivate Project at Amersham and Wycombe College, providing activities for Health and Social Care  end of term party during Women’s Sports Week and featuring at Amersham and Wycombe College Welcome Fair.

Not only does Katie share my passion for coaching; she is also female.  Both coaching and taekwondo are male dominated arenas, so it is very empowering to be supported by another women.  Before this scheme I didn’t know any other female coaches.  Her experience in working with young people, female only groups and Sportivate Projects have been priceless.  Leap has managed to match us perfectly!

Katie has been able to meet all my needs as a ‘buddy’.  She has been able to attend my sessions and provide feedback, which I have been able to apply to lesson plans and improve my coaching technique.  It was also nice to have another person present, to boost my confidence in coaching and confirm that ‘I can do this!’  There is a lot of admin that comes along with coaching, so it is also nice to hear how she manages her paper work and suggest resources, such as Sports England Youth Insight Pack and Leap’s Motivational Questionnaire, that were specific to my coaching needs.

This experience has reinforced my enjoyment in coaching and expanded my network.  Without a doubt, I would recommend this to other coaches; it’s free and would provide a great backbone to anybody’s coaching journey.

Thanks for reading.


We’ll be having a chat with with Katie Stapleton (Fiona’s buddy) in a couple of weeks time to get Katie’s perspective as a regular Sportivate deliverer on the benefits of being involved with the Buddy-up scheme. Keep an eye out for that post.