Hundreds of school children battle it out for medals in mini-Olympics

Hundreds of school children battle it out for medals in mini-Olympics

The iconic Stoke Mandeville Stadium is playing host to 1,200 children today (Friday July 7) as they compete for medals in the 5th Bucks and Milton Keynes School Games.

Dozens of schools from all over the county – from Wycombe to South Bucks, to Chiltern, Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes – are taking part in a fiercely-contested festival of sport.

In all,  more than 90 schools are represented. The stadium is the main venue, but competitions are taking place across four other sites in Aylesbury as well.

There are 13 different sports, from athletics to swimming, rounders, table tennis and cycling.

The event is being organised by Leap, the Sport and Activity Partnership for Bucks and MK, in partnership with the School Games Organisers.

Olympic Gold medal hockey winner Helen Richardson-Walsh MBE was special guest and spoke to the competitors during the opening ceremony.

In an inspirational address, she told cheering children: “Reach for the moon and if you miss, go for the stars.”

Georgie Smith, a teacher from Bierton C of E Combined School in Aylesbury said: “I think it’s a really good opportunity for children to represent their schools through sport. We get to see great team spirit and it’s great to see children supporting each other even if they’re not from the same school. It’s really well organised too.”

Tendai Mangoma, a parent from Chalfont St Peter Church of England Academy, said: “I was actually surprised as I didn’t think it was this big. It’s like a mini-Olympics. There’s been a big team spirit and the children have really been helping each other out.”

Toby Neill, a teacher from John Hampden Grammar School in High Wycombe, said: “I think it’s great in terms of seeing so many kids participating on one day. It’s a really fun event. I thought the opening ceremony was cracking and was pitched at the right level for the kids. It’s just another fantastic opportunity for the kids to compete against each other and on a day like this, it’s perfect.”

Ellis Higgs, PE Co-ordinator from Giles Brook Primary School in Milton Keynes, was with 15 pupils at the games. He said: “They loved the opening ceremony and seeing the gold medal. They have never been involved in something as big as this before. The main thing is the togetherness, being part of a team and supporting each other.”

School Games results:

Athletics Quadkids

  1. CSPA
  2. Giles Brook
  3. Stoke Poges

Fairplay: Kingswood School

Athletics Super 6 

  1. John Hampden / Piper Corner
  2. The Grange
  3. Buckingham

Fairplay: John Hampden / Piper Corner

Bisi Badminton

  1. Bourton Meadow
  2. Middleton
  3. Loughton

Fairplay: Great Missenden

Boccia (Combined) / Curling (Combined)

  1. Stony Dean

Cycling yr 5/6 mixed +mld yr 7

  1. Juniper Hill
  2. Bourton Meadow
  3. Emerson Valley

Fairplay: Turnfurlong

Girls Football Yr 5/6

  1. Caroline Haslett
  2. Haddenham
  3. Gerrards Cross

Fairplay: Gerrards Cross

Girls Football Yr 7/8

  1. Sir William Ramsay
  2. Sir William Borlaise
  3. Radcliffe

Fairplay: Radcliffe

Golf (year 3/4)

  1. Two Mile Ash
  2. Bushfield
  3. Farnham Common

Fairplay: Little Kingshill

Hockey Quickstick

  1. Oxley Park
  2. Middleton
  3. Great Kingshill

Fairplay: Haddenham

Netball High 5

  1. Ickford
  2. Gateway School
  3. Bedgrove Jnr

Fairplay: Bradwell Village School

Netball  7 aside 

  1. Beaconsfield High
  2. Dr Challoners
  3. Aylesbury High

Fairplay: Dr Challoners


  1. The Buckingham School
  2. Pipers Corner
  3. Aylesbury High

Fairplay: Aylesbury High

Rugby (Tag)

  1. Juniper Hill
  2. Bourton Meadow
  3. St Mary’s / St Giles

Fairplay: Oxley Park


  1. Gerrards Cross
  2. Bedgrove Jnr
  3. Tickford Park

Fairplay: Tickford Park

Table Tennis

  1. Radcliffe
  2. John Hampden
  3. Sir William Borlase

Tennis year 3/4

  1. Oxley Park
  2. Long Crendon
  3. Great Missenden

Fairplay: Priory Rise

Tennis year 5/6

  1. Long Crendon
  2. Great Kingshill
  3. St Mary’s

Fairplay: Two Mile Ash