One month to go before the Leap Business Games!

Great organisations are run by great teams. You’ve hired the best people, now you just have to keep them working effectively together. So how well do you know your team, and what makes them tick?

The phrase team building has a bad reputation, often welcomed with eye rolls and sighs. But it’s one of the most important investments you can make in your people and your organisation.

Often overlooked and with no budget set aside, the closest many organisations get is the odd pub lunch for birthday celebrations or occasional Friday drinks.

But team building can improve employee engagement, encourage communication and help identify individual strengths – all of which will improve business.

So rather than begrudging an afternoon out of the office, view it as an investment in your staff and you business future. Combining the excitement of working together to compete against others and the discovery of unknown talents will all have a positive effect on that Monday morning feeling.

The Leap Business Games will provide your organisation with an incredible afternoon of entertainment focused on building team morale and having fun. Unlock your teams potential skills today.

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