Step out this May!

Step out this May!

Walking is a fantastic way to build activity into your daily routine. It’s free, has lots of health benefits and is flexible to fit into busy modern lifestyles.

May is national walking month, and with Spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to put a spring in your step. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Build an active travel

Swap the car for some comfortable shoes and walk to work.
If your commute is too long to do on foot, then you could park 10-15 minutes away from your workplace and walk – saving you petrol and queueing in traffic, but most importantly it means that you can get exercise into your routine.

Step out with friends

Having the support of friends often makes being active easier to start and stick to. Take a walk with friends, or connect using any one of a number of fitness trackers which can track your steps and enable you to compete on virtual leader boards. Nothing wrong with some healthy competition!

Not sure which tracker to go for? The BHF website have a list of new apps to track all your steps and progress with your exercises. It’s a great way of seeing how much you’ve progressed over time and can help show what you’ve achieved.

Try something different

Looking for a way to mix up your walking routine? There are plenty of local opportunities to try something different, try and new route, or your favourite sport in walking form: