Attract new members to your activity sessions

Attract new members to your activity sessions

So you’re looking to attract new people to join your sports club or activity session?

In Bucks & MK almost half of the population are inactive, or don’t do enough exercise to benefit their health, which means there’s a huge target audience you could be supporting to enjoy your sport, and helping to make your club thrive.

However taking that first step into, or back into being active after a break can be daunting, and then sticking to it, well that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

It takes a change of mindset, a trigger to make someone take action and a change in their behaviour to stick at it and make it a habit.

Campaigns which aim to change people’s behaviour have been around for years, think of ‘wear your seatbelt’ road safety messages, or ‘stop smoking’ adverts, but messages like this are only just starting to be used to encourage people to be more active.

How can you as a coach or activity leader use some of the same tactics to help people get and stay active at your sessions?

Firstly, it is clear the customer must be at the centre of everything we do. We need to understand their motivations, their needs and essentially get what makes them tick. In your club or session, your customers are the people who play sport.

Fortunately we’ve partnered with Sports Coach UK to help you put the theory into practice. Delivering their new workshop ‘Behaviour Change Tactics – Helping people Get Active, Stay Active’ the 2 hour training will provide practical tips and examples of how you can identify and appeal to the motivations of new members and keep them coming back with varying ‘nudge’ techniques.

If your club or organisation needs inspiration to help attract new members and then keep them coming back, this workshop is for you.

Click here for more information and to book your place.


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