National Walking Month

National Walking Month

Why only walk for a month? Turn it into a lifestyle!


With the weather changing for the better, it’s the perfect time to get outside, and the cheapest and easiest option? Walk!

Walking is a very simple way of exercise, most of the time we don’t even notice how beneficial it is for us. It is free, an easy way to improve our health.


Is work too far a way for walking your commute?

You could park somewhere 10-15mins away from your workplace. This way you don’t have to be stuck in traffic for very long, perhaps you’ll save money for parking but more importantly you’re fitting exercise around your working day
Always getting dropped at the door?

Swap the parent taxi and walk for a change, knock for your friends and you’ll all be getting fitter and healthier.

Overtime you’ll notice a change,  being less tired and becoming much happier! Why not record how far you’ve walked in the week? It’s a good sense of achievement, you can even have a friendly competition with others to see who’s walked the furthest, there are plenty of apps and wearables which can help you record your steps.

Still not convinced? Regular walking has huge benefits:


  • Being out in the fresh air boosts your Vitamin D intake – Being Vitamin D deficient is unhealthy, which is an issue in the UK. It affects things like bone health and our immune system. All you have to do is go outside!
  • Walking also gives you energy – More energy = more things done. A brisk walk is said to be the best natural energiser around!
  • Can make you happy – Exercise will boost your mood! It is positive for mental health, reducing stress and anxiety.

So whether you just pledge to walk a little more often, or track your progress against your friends with a wearable steps counter, make May the month you walk the most!

Here are some phone apps to see how far you’ve walked, click the links to view – Apple / Android