Find Your Motivation For Taking Part!

Find Your Motivation For Taking Part!

One in a million chance you’d ever run a marathon?

Well this Sunday, in its 35th year, the London Marathon will see its one millionth runner complete the course, and a huge well done goes to all of those runners from Bucks & MK who have completed the course to date.

Running 26 miles can sound daunting, and it is, but it’s not just about running, there’s a story behind why every person is taking part. Read some of the inspiring stories about runners taking part this year:

Whether you enter a race to prove you can do it or raise awareness and money for a charity close to your heart, you can use the opportunity to run for something that matters to you.

It’s too late to enter the London Marathon this year, but its not too late to start training for next year – start yourself off by looking at beginner running groups close to you.
Even if you’ve never run before, these groups can help you get from the sofa to the starting line in 2017, increasing your fitness, de-stressing and meeting other people along the way.

You can ask the other runners for some advice that can help you on your journey or find that they’re in the same position as you!

Advice for first time marathon runners –