Make yours an Active Easter!

Make yours an Active Easter!

Spring is in the air and as we head into the long Easter weekend it’s the ideal opportunity to make that extra family time, active time.

Treat your family to something different this year and use your imagination to find ways of adding activity into the festivities. There’s no limit to the ideas you can come up with to provide some active entertainment. We’ve thought up a few ideas to get you started:


Egg Hunt Fun with the National Trust
Bucks is brimming with National Trust sites and this Easter the Cadbury’s bunny has visited them all, hiding his chocolate for you to find. From Cliveden to Stowe, taking in Hughenden, Waddesdon and Claydon, the National Trust sites have taken the hard work out of creating an active Easter. Find out more.


Easter Egg Hunt plus!

If you’re planning your own Easter Egg hunt, put a twist to the normal version and extend it! Rather than using just your garden, team up with neighbours to expand the hunt.

You could also set up a bike route for the whole family and place Easter eggs throughout the journey.

By spreading the eggs out you’ll encourage everyone to pack in more activity before they tuck into their chocolate treasure.


Egg-y relay races

Add an Easter twist to any relay race. If you’ve got a bigger gathering then you could set up a series of Easter themed races; from bunny hopping down the garden and back to the egg throw and not forgetting the classic egg and spoon race!

For more ideas of active Easter party games click here.