Be active at work…

Challenge yourself, your colleagues and your friends to be active with you and track your progress with our free workplace activity log.

We are spending 60% of our waking hours at work so leaving time for physical activity at home can be a juggling act. However, it is possible for you to fit in more activity at during work and we are here to help. Workplace Challenge provides the platform for you to log your activity whether you do it before, during or after work, it all counts. Access the website  or download the app from App Store or Google Play. In addition, you can now connect your Fitbit so your data is automatically uploaded. It is free to sign up and use!

Workplace Challenge

You can use Workplace Challenge in a number of ways. Need motivation from others to keep you going? The leader board format will bring out your competitive side to  challenge others. Or maybe you prefer to be a quiet hero. You can use it to see your own achievements and challenge yourself to meet your 150 minutes a week.  Points do mean prizes, if you complete your 150 minutes of activity a week and you will see a bronze badge against your profile.

Top Tips

  • Use the stairs. We see notices all the time, but it really DOES make a difference. Shunning the lift for stairs!
  • Get out of the office. The consequences of sitting down all day has been likened to the effects of smoking. Take a walk at lunch whether its to the shops to grab lunch or to your local green space, it will make a huge difference to your health and productivity.
  • Drink more…water that is. Staying hydrated will aid productivity and getting up and down for a glass of water every few hours will increase your steps.

Benefits to my organisation

The productive employee is not that who remains seated at their desk for a 10 hours day, but those who break between tasks, engage with others around them and is motivated to produce results for the organisation. Physical activity supports this; walking together builds team morale, increasing the amount of exercise you do can reduce sickness days; employee well being is very important.

You can be a Champion

Employee well being may be part of your role or you could just be passionate about the benefits of being more active, either way we can support you with training to support colleagues move more.

Leap Business Games

Taking place on Friday 14th July 2017 at Woughton Playing Fields, it provides a great opportunity for fun and friendly competition and increase staff morale. For more information visit: