Satellite Clubs

Linking schools, colleges and universities with community sports clubs

The Satellite Clubs programme links sports clubs with the local educational sites, setting up sessions within the school or higher education facilities which are an extension of the community club.
They make it easy for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing sport for the first time. They provide a stepping stone to a community club or regular participation through the creation of relevant, appealing and convenient sporting opportunities for young people.


For clubs…
• Recruit new members and regular, weekly participants.
• Reduce the drop off in participation in the 14-25 age group.
• Create new opportunities to recruit volunteers and leaders.
• Encourage the long-term sustainability of the club.


For the satellite club hosts – the educational establishments…
• Create new links with community clubs and increase sport and activity offers for students.
• Raise the profile of your school within the local community.
• Create new opportunities for young leaders to gain experience in community clubs.
• Maximise the use of facilities.


For participants…
•  Sport on their terms – the right sporting experience delivered at the right venue at the right time.
•  Taking part in sport with friends in a familiar, more informal environment.
•  The opportunity to discover and improve in a new sport, something different.
•  An opportunity to take on coaching or leadership roles.


For more information, please contact Rhiannon Smith via e-mail or call 01296 585556.