Get involved with Sportivate

Apply for funding to support the set up of new sessions for 11 to 25 year olds.

Sportivate applications are now closed. However, we are looking for projects for our waiting list that demonstrate they will tackle inactivity and sustain long term activity amongst young people. Priority will be given to those targeting; female only, disabled, BAME groups and projects targeting engagement focused around wider priorities e.g. mental health, anti social behaviour

Steps to apply for Sportivate funding
If you’ve got an idea about how to engage young people in a sport or activity, that’s a fantastic start. Follow the steps below to apply for Sportivate funding to support your project.

1. Check if Sportivate is the right funding for your project.
Start by taking a look at the guidance notes which contain all the important information about applying for Sportivate funding.

If you don’t fit the criteria for Sportivate, there are many other sources of funding which might be suitable. Visit our funding search. 

2. Put young people at the heart of what you want to do. 
Young people have complex relationships with sport and physical activity, based on their unique personalities and experiences. To encourage them to get, and stay active we need to understand how they think and feel about physical activity. Sport England have led research with young people to get under the skin of young people and find this information out. They have developed six personalities as a result of their findings.

If you are looking to encourage young people to be more active, these six personalities will help you engage with young people in the way that’s right for them, enhancing their lives and making your sessions more successful.

Take a look at the ‘Under the skin’ research and consider which personalities your sessions will appeal to and how you can develop your project to meet their needs.

Behavioural Insight

The EAST Insight checklist is intended to provide an accessible way to apply insights from behavioural science to your project.

EAST Framework

Take a look at Sport England’s new Tackling Inactivity Insight – The design principles checklist is a great place to start developing your project.

Understanding the Journey 

Showing the stages of behaviour change.

Sportivate – Lessons Learnt 

Applying the learnings from Sportivate into future delivery to Children and Young people. View here.

3. Get your ideas down on paper.
Download the Application Form which prompts you on the information which will be required for your application.

Remember to reference the ‘Under the skin’ information you looked at during step 2.

Submit your application by sending it to Jacqueline Galvin.