Our approach

Improving lives through physical activity and sport

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes faces the challenges of an ageing population, growing inequalities and rural deprivation, increasing poor mental wellbeing and large scale housing growth. 

We believe physical activity and sport can improve lives and help reduce the pressure on local health, housing, social care and community services. In order to improve the lives of local residents we will:

  • Work with our partners to decrease the percentage of the Bucks and MK population who are inactive.
  • Work with our mental health partners across Bucks and MK to embed physical activity and sport into the treatment pathway.
  • Work with a broader set of community partners and use physical activity and sport to bring communities together with a focus in growth areas.
  • Secure and maximise investment into the physical activity and sport sector including facility, programme and individual development.


Our work will be guided by three key themes:

  • Reaching the right people
  • Broadening our partnerships
  • Improving places and spaces to be active

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Strategy image showing our key themes. Reaching the right poeple, broadening our partnerships, improving places and spaces.


How we work

We are committed to making a difference – Supporting, challenging and inspiring people to improve their lives through sport and physical activity.

We work together – Respecting and relying on one another and all of our partners to help achieve our vision. We enjoy working together and celebrating our achievements.

To be outstanding – Delivering above the expected, and using all our resources efficiently to achieve high and consistent standards.

Being entrepreneurial – Thinking differently and striving to be creative and innovative in order to solve problems and increase investment.


If you can help us improve lives through physical activity and sport please get in touch.
Contact Chris Gregory via e-mail or call 01296 585069