Better together – The Influence of Mentoring on our Coaching Practice

Better together – The Influence of Mentoring on our Coaching Practice

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’  – Albert Einstein

Since I came across this famous Einstein quote it has stuck with me, especially when I coach participants or mentor other coaches.

Whether you call it thinking differently or thinking outside the box, many coaches know about this theory, but few put it into practice. Sometimes they don’t have time, or can’t see the potential in doing things differently, and this makes them stick in their comfort zone.

You can see the same mentality in athletes. Perhaps they are executing a skill – hitting a backhand in Tennis or putting the ball in Golf. Their technique provides ok results, so they are reluctant to change, but if they changed their approach with the right coaching they could be more consistent, or more accurate.

In the early stages of my coaching career, I certainly stuck to my comfort zone, I was fairly successful with the teams I worked with and as a result stuck to what I knew rather than taking the leap and stretching myself to develop my coaching practice.

However, today I try to embrace Einstein’s thinking in my own coaching and when working with other coaches I try to encourage them to leave their comfort zone and consider different ways in which they can widen their horizons by undertaking new challenges and experiences.

Just like any participant or athlete, coaches benefit from personal development. At Leap we have introduced a mentoring programme to do just that; a critical friend to help motivate, inspire and challenge coaches.

They say two heads are better than one, and having the opportunity to discuss approaches and practices with another coach can help build more positive relationships with participants identify solutions to difficult situations and explore ways to achieve your goals.

If you are a driven and passionate coach who would like to discover new ways to develop your coaching, then find out more about Leap Mentoring.

By Sion Kitson
Workforce Development Manager